Thursday, March 5, 2009

Using Computer Software in the Classroom

Computer software has made a big impact not only on the everyday internet/computer users, but has also impacted the classroom. I think that technology has changed the course of teaching, as many would agree with me. Software is a good way to teach a subject interactivly and also make it fun for the students. Recently in our computer apps class we have been discussing computer software and the importance and need for it. I am still learning a lot about computers and also the different things involved with them (software, internet) but I feel that I have come across a couple web sites that would be great for kids to use.

I intend on working with special needs students, so the software I use must cater to their needs. In other words, I need an easy program that is individualized for each student. What works for one student might be completely wrong for another student. When looking for software that would work for the special education classroom, I had to keep a variety of things in mind. The different levels of comprehension in my room vary much greater than that of the normal classroom. I must pick something that has different levels of cognitive abilities.

I found a couple of interesting sites while searching for something that might work for my area of interest. It is called Professor Garfield. It is an interactive site that allows students to play games and also learn things such as putting items in sequential order.

I found many other sites that are worth looking at too. Very insightful day searching the internet :)

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