Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Using Blogs in the Classroom

Recently, I realized that a major switch was needed in my life. The major that I am currently in is elementary education. The entire time I have been at UNI has been a great experience, it just did not feel right. I recently discovered that I am going to pursue secondary education. I want to be a High School College Prep/English teacher. I have always been fascinated with poetry, writing, reading, and grammar. This choice has also impacted the way I look at the current classes I am involved with now. I have to make the most of my experience, even if thus far it has been not on the right track.

Recently while researching different blogs that could be used in the high school classroom, I found a couple that caught my eye. The English blog of this 11th grade teacher discussed different ways to integrate poetry into the curriculum. I found it interesting the way that this school chose to use a blog as an informative tool instead of a teaching one. This blog shared teachers' ideas instead of using it as a resource for students to help them understand not only poetry, but also integrating technology into their curriculum.

This has been an enlightening experience that has changed the course of direction here at UNI. I feel that now, my view of technology in the classroom will be extremely different and look forward to blogging about these changes.

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