Saturday, May 2, 2009

Digital Portfolio Nightmare

I have had quite the trouble with this digital portfolio. It is due this coming Monday, and I am starting to freak out. It is a lot of work, but I know that it will be put to good use in the future. I feel as though I have most of it done, and then I come to a section that has yet to be completed. So much work, for a benefit that will come in the future. This has been a great class, and I have learned a lot. But honestly, it will be a relief when it is over. I have been stressed about finals and can't wait for all of this to be over. 
My portfolio is under construction, and I find the most difficult part is typing out all of the reflections and aligning the standards. This is difficult for me, but hey, I guess as a teacher I have to get used to busy work like this on a regular basis. Yay for Educators!!! :) 

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